Aulon Arch Inc

About Us

In 2006, a few friends pooled their money and a few exceptional ideas to form a new company. Our goal was to combine values and business intelligence in ways that create extraordinary results. Aulon Arch now has over 120 shareholders, all added by referral. We own ice cream, real estate, and auto repair businesses, along with stakes in some publicly traded companies.

Our purpose, beyond a strong business alliance, is to care for one another, and to hand down a legacy to the next generation.


Here are principles that guide our company:

  1. Invest in value — especially people of value. When we evaluate investments, the character and talent of a company’s CEO are the first things we consider. We also invest in exceptional people when we select partners, employees, and vendors.
  2. Value is measured by the good accomplished. This good can take many forms — nourishment, comfort, health, beauty, safety, pleasure, and so on.
  3. Sound investment is based on both quantitative analysis and intuitive assessment of value. When these agree, great things can happen. Basing decisions on intrinsic value is what separates investing from gambling.
  4. We invest in assets at low prices when they are publicly traded, and at fair prices when they are private.
  5. Value includes social responsibility and exceeds it.


The people at Aulon Arch are diverse, but we have things in common as well. For example, we all enjoy the opportunity to work with exceptional, smart, and diverse people like our shareholders and our business partners. We also share the joy of mutual trust and trustworthiness. We like to give people joy in practical ways. We like to serve other people while enriching our own hearts and health.


David Long – CEO and Chairman of the Board
Nanou Matteson – Chief Strategy Officer
Peter Long – Director of Operations
Jeff Estes – Shareholder Liaison


David Long, Chair
Nanou Matteson, Vice Chair
Tisha Carper Long
Jonathan Levine
Greg Steinberger

Hang out with people better than you, and you cannot help but improve. - Warren Buffett